Where’s the closest locally owned restaurant?

DSM WebGeeks had a wonderful series of Dojos where they built https://github.com/dsmwebgeeks/WG-State-Fair-App a mobile web application that allowed Iowa State Fair attendees to find the closest beer or funel cake.   The app featured geolocation and offline capabilities (since cell phone reception is poor when a huge number of people gather together).

LocalOmaha.org will be a mobile web app that helps people answer the question: Where is the closest locally owned restaurant?   Our use case may not need offline capabilities, so we’re going to start with geolocation.

There is a sample application at LocalOmaha.org/app

There is some sample data at LocalOmaha.org/data (IOU a blog post about where the data came from) data is used with permission of the  Omaha Local Independent Business Alliance.