Let’s meet Saturday 2/7/15 Noon to 5pm

  1. What: LocalOmaha.org Dojo micro-hackathon
  2. When:  Saturday 2/7/15 Noon – 5pm.
  3. Where: UNO’s Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center 6001 Dodge Street room 127.    Parking is free in Lot E (next to the Criss library) and just tell them you’re there for the LocalOmaha micro-hackathon.
  4. Why: Build community while practicing & learning AngularJS and web scraping with Java.   Perhaps some Spring Boot and REST web services too.   We are writing free and open source software.   This is not a money making venture.   Have fun!   Pair program!   Fork our repo and make some pull requests!   Or start your own version of the software….
  5. Who: All are welcome!   You are urged to please work through the CodeSchool.com free AngularJS tutorial before attending to maximize the goodness of the experience.
  6. How: Please bring your laptop when you attend all or part of the five hour LocalOmaha.org Dojo micro-hackathon.   If you don’t have one, you’ll most likely still have fun pairing with someone.  All are welcome!   Please RSVP to this eventbrite because Omaha Public Library will buy us lunch!   Very nice.

Open Nebraska rocks!


Where’s the closest locally owned restaurant?

DSM WebGeeks had a wonderful series of Dojos where they built https://github.com/dsmwebgeeks/WG-State-Fair-App a mobile web application that allowed Iowa State Fair attendees to find the closest beer or funel cake.   The app featured geolocation and offline capabilities (since cell phone reception is poor when a huge number of people gather together).

LocalOmaha.org will be a mobile web app that helps people answer the question: Where is the closest locally owned restaurant?   Our use case may not need offline capabilities, so we’re going to start with geolocation.

There is a sample application at LocalOmaha.org/app

There is some sample data at LocalOmaha.org/data (IOU a blog post about where the data came from) data is used with permission of the  Omaha Local Independent Business Alliance.


Let’s Flip!

For years many user groups have been mingle, eat, lecture, leave (sometimes with beer or coffee afterwards).

Flipped classrooms are becoming popular.     Let’s try this with the LocalOmaha.org project!    Instead of coming to a meeting then trying things at home, please come to a meeting having listened to some lecture at home — in the meeting we’ll work in small groups to try things out!

LocalOmaha.org will use AngularJS to build a mobile web application.

  1. The PhoneCat Tutorial App is free and a tradition read and follow along way to learn AngularJS.
  2. CodeSchool.com’s Shaping Up with AngularJS class is an amazing video lecture, pdf slides, and in browser (nothing to install) exercises way to learn AngularJS.   This class is free!   Most of codeschool is paid content.    Google sponsored making this class free.

Please work through one or both of these tutorials before coming to the dojo micro-hackathon on Saturday 2/7/15.    If you don’t have time to work through one of these, that’s ok.   If you do, things will be much better.



LocalOmaha.org is an experiment in community building.   Code improv.    Let’s have fun.   For one of the starter repos at https://github.com/ojug and send a pull request in with your enhancements.   Or fork a starter repo and start a whole new version of LocalOmaha.org (or something inspired by).

DSM WebGeeks have been having dojo meeting for a while now.    Let’s try some in Omaha!

Let’s use a model inspired by the flow used at DSM WebGeeks Dojo meetings:
  1. Show some working code
  2. State one or two challenges
  3. Have folks work in small groups for a fixed amount of time
  4. Have folks explain their solution and the challenges the encountered
  5. Accept some merge requests
  6. Repeat